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Terms and Conditions

Update date: 18 / 11 / 2022

0. Preamble and scope

Red Ribbon Ltd a company registered under Marshall Islands Law under number 115051(hereinafter "RedRibbon" or "Company") operates the platform accessible at the URL (hereinafter "Platform"), allowing users to present, buy or sell non - fungible tokens(hereinafter referred to as "NFT") to other users. These Terms and Conditions(hereinafter "GTC") govern the terms and conditions of use of the Site, purchase of Boosters and upcoming NFT based features. Users of the Platform declare that they have read, understood and accepted these GTC.Thus, Users expressly acknowledge that they are bound by these GTC and are legally capable of giving their consent.Users acknowledge that they have the right to present, use crypto - currencies, buy and / or sell NFTs under the law of their country of residence or any other law applicable to them as a consumer. The GTC are accessible by the User on the site. The full and complete acceptance of the GTC is a mandatory condition for any connection of the site to the Wallet(hereinafter "Connection") and for any interaction with the site.The User acknowledges having accepted them. It is specified that the Company is free to modify, at any time, the present GTC, in order to take into account, in particular, any legal, jurisprudential, editorial, functional or technical evolution.

1. Definitions

In these GTC, words or expressions beginning with a capital letter have the following meaning: Booster: Pack of 5 the orbwars’ characters and items available for purchase on the platform CAPS: Native crypto - assets of the Ternoa blockchain GTC: General Sales Conditions of the Platform Connection: act of connecting your Wallet to the Platform Metadata contents: any file linked or referred to in the JSON Metadata linked to the NFT Disconnection: act of disconnecting your Wallet from the Platform Transaction Fees: fees paid to third parties to operate on the Ternoa blockchain Platform Fee: fee paid to the Company to complete a transaction. Metadata: data from the JSON file associated with the NFT and accessible with the URI function Minting: act of creating an NFT NFT: non - fungible token created and managed on Ternoa blockchain with Pallets Platform: the site accessible at the URL Services: features made available through the Platform Pallets: modules programmed in Rust language working with the Ternoa blockchain Company(or RedRibbon): The company RedRibbon, registered under Marshall Islands Law under number 115051 Ternoa: Blockchain used to pay for Services on the Platform User: all persons and entities with full legal capacity accessing the Platform Wallet: blockchain wallet that allows access to crypto - assets and interaction with the blockchain.

2. Connection

The Connection is only open to persons and entities with full legal capacity. Login is a mandatory prerequisite for any interaction with the blockchain and use of the Services. The User undertakes to communicate only real data and sincere information. The site requires the use of a Wallet for authentication and interaction with the blockchain to purchase Boosters, submit, buy or sell NFTs.The Company has no control over the data stored by this third - party tool.We invite you to inquire about this point with the publisher of this third - party tool. The site may use cookies.A cookie is a computer file that does not allow the person concerned to be identified directly, but which records on his or her computer and / or equipment information relating to the pages consulted, the date and time of the consultation, and the information entered and retained to avoid any subsequent entry. Browsing the site may result in the installation of cookies on the equipment of the person concerned. The purpose of cookies is to: - Facilitate the visit of the site; - To be able to share content on social networks; - Evaluate the audience of the site; - To carry out statistics on the use of the site. The person concerned may oppose the recording of cookies by configuring their browser.The information collected via cookies is kept for a period of 12 months from the date of collection. By logging in, you agree, on behalf of yourself and others who use a service with your Wallet, to the following terms and conditions and the privacy policy available in the Privacy Policy section of this site. 3. Disconnection The User can disconnect from his Wallet at any time, by clicking on the disconnection button directly on his Wallet managed by a third party. The Company reserves the right to refuse access to a Wallet, without prior notice, in particular, in the event of a breach of these GTC, in the event of illicit behaviour or behaviour contrary to good morals observed on the Platform or observed by another User, in the event of reported abuse of the use of the Services, in the event of abusive or fraudulent use of the Services or in the event of identity theft.

4. Functioning of the Platform

To access the Platform and use the Service, the User must have functional computer equipment, a stable Internet connection and a compatible Internet browser.The Company shall not be held responsible for the possible incompatibility of the User's computer equipment with the Platform or some of its Services. [MO1] All connection fees to the Platform and Transaction Fees are to be paid by the User. The Platform proves users with the following Services: a) Presentation and sale of items and characters boosters to users b) Minting NFTs from boosters contents(items and characters) c) Playing games with items, characters and / or NFTs These services will be implemented one after the other.Only service(a) will be available at the launch of the Platform. In order to use the services, it is necessary to connect a wallet[MO2]. 6. Purchase of a Booster A User can purchase a Booster on the Platform by selecting a booster type and paying the advertised price, and Transaction Fees.These fees depend upon Ternoa’s network use and congestion, and are not set nor decided by the Company. The Company undertakes to ensure that each Booster collection will consist of a maximum of 20 000 booster units. The company plans on releasing 7 booster collections. Each booster content is generated randomly, per conditions advertised on the platform at the moment when the Purchase is processed by the User.

8. Intellectual Property

The Company retains all intellectual property rights related to the operation of the Platform, in particular: images, universe, design, scenario, database, brands or logos.

9. Description of the blockchain used

The blockchain used by the Platform is Ternoa operating with CAPS as a token to pay Boosters purchase prices and Transaction Fees. The User is always informed at the time of paying the Transaction Fee of the blockchain on which the transaction is carried out.

10. Description of the decentralized storage system for Metadata Content

The Company has no control over the storage and retention of data and metadata related to NFTs. The Company reserves the right to change the storage system for future Services.

11. Platform Service Fees[MO3]

Browsing and connecting to the Platform is free of charge. Transaction Fees are not Platform Fees.Transaction Fees are not paid to the Platform but directly by the User to third parties, generally referred to as validators, for the registration of content and computer instructions on the blockchain.The Platform has no control over the evolution of the Transaction Fees which depend on the blockchain used and its own rules.

12. Cancellation policy

The User may decide to stop using the Platform at any time.Once Transaction Fees have been paid to the blockchain, a third - party service, transactions cannot be cancelled, as a transaction is by nature irreversible on a blockchain and the Company has no control over the blockchain used. No refunds of Transaction Fees nor purchases will be made.

13. Obligations of the User

The User declares and guarantees to the Company that he or she is acting in his or her own name and on his or her own behalf in his or her capacity as a natural person of full age and with full capacity to contract or as the legal or duly authorised representative of a legal person. The User undertakes to publish only authentic information and content, and texts on which he / she has the necessary rights, particularly intellectual property rights. The User agrees to make normal and legal use of the Service offered by the Platform. The User undertakes, directly or by allowing access to third parties, not to send viruses, spam, chain mail, unsolicited offers of any kind, not to investigate, scan, test, reverse engineer, use automatic systems to extract data from the site and not to copy the interface and any element of the Platform. The User understands that the Company does not intend to assist the User in the sale of the NFT on a third party website, platform, software or tool. The User understands that the Company is not in the business of arbitrating any disputes between Users or with potential buyers of NFT.

14. Risks inherent in the use of the Platform, the Service and the blockchains and Guarantees

14.1 Economic risks and risk of total or partial loss due to inappropriate Transaction Costs

The User is warned that inappropriate Transaction Fees or a bottleneck in the blockchain network used could jeopardize the purchase of a booster and the Transaction Fees could be permanently lost.

14.2 Volatility risk

The User is warned that Transaction Fees may vary significantly over time and even within a limited period of time.The Platform has no control over this risk of volatility and invites the User to accept Transaction Fees that he considers affordable.

14.3 Risk related to the valuation of purchased Boosters

The value of Boosters is in no way promoted or guaranteed.

14.4 No market risk

The User is advised that the Company cannot guarantee to list, display, sell, maintain for sale or permit the resale of minted NFTs on any platform.

14.5 Risk of non - compatibility with third - party sites and services

The User is warned that the NFTs or their Metadata may not be interoperable or compatible with third party sites and services

14.6 Smartcontract risk

As with any token transaction, especially NFTa risk of discovery and exploitation of a security flaw cannot be excluded. The Company is not responsible for any unforeseen failure related to the Pallets, malfunction, loss of token, erroneous transaction or hacking, but will make its best efforts to avoid this situation.

14.7 Risk related to the conservation of Content

The User understands that the Company has no control over the storage of the NFT Content, has not issued and cannot guarantee the proper functioning, stability, display, effective retention or maintenance of links to the stored file referred to in the Metadata Content. The User is invited to keep the Metadata Content files with his own storage means. The User understands that the Company cannot be held responsible in the event of any malfunction of the Content host.

14.8 Private key and electronic wallet risks

The Wallet used to create the NFT via the Platform must be compatible to receive and transfer tokens on the Ternoa blockhain. In case of transfer of NFTs or CAPS to an incompatible portfolio, the User will normally no longer be able to access the NFTs.This means a total loss of his NFT. The User bears full responsibility for the decision as to which wallet is used.The User is also responsible for the secure storage of the private key of his wallet.Loss or theft of the private key is equivalent to the loss of all assets, including NFTs, assigned to the wallet. It is recommended to use exchange platforms and browser Wallets only for instant transactions and not for storing NFTs, cold storage or hardware wallet storage being preferred.

14.9 Regulatory risks

Changes in legislation, regulations or other standards applicable to the Company's business and the NFTs could prevent the continuation of operations and the continuity of the Service. As the field of blockchain, crypto - assets and NFTs is relatively new, the regulations in force change regularly and significantly on an international scale.Legislative or regulatory changes could have a material adverse effect on the Company's operating costs and the economics of NFTs.The Company may violate applicable laws or regulations and such possible non - compliance could lead to various types of sanctions, including the limitation, suspension or prohibition of certain activities and the imposition of fines, damages and other penalties, which could affect the continuity of the Service offered by the Company.For these reasons, the User is obliged to check whether the activity of posting, buying and selling NFTs that the User carries out using the tools provided by the Platform is lawful in his / her country.

14.10 Tax risk

The tax risks associated with the purchase or sale of NFTs, in particular via the Platform Service or on third - party platforms, stem from the novelty of these assets and their as yet undefined legal and tax status.These risks are mainly related to the lack of visibility in many national laws due to the novelty of the matter and the structurally evolving nature of finance laws.

15. Limitation of Liability for the Service

The Company undertakes to use its best efforts to ensure the availability and continuity of the Services on the Platform, but cannot provide any particular guarantee, as the Company is dependent on the maintenance of telecommunication services and other providers, particularly in terms of Internet connectivity and the operation of the blockchain. The Company does not undertake any obligation of result regarding the possible sale of NFTs on the Platform. The Company shall not be liable for any damage to the User's computer equipment or slowdown of the Internet connection or for any direct or indirect damage caused by a virus, a mirror site, phishing, a break in service due to an intrusion or malfunction, an interruption or any use of the Platform and the Service or due to force majeure.The Company shall not be held responsible for screen shots and / or data suction and their subsequent dissemination.

16. Mediation

In the event of a dispute, and where it has not been possible to settle the disagreement by means of a prior written complaint directly to the Company by sending a request to the address: [].

17. Separability

If one or more of the clauses of the GTC are declared null and void, they will be declared unwritten, which will not affect the validity of the GTC and its other clauses which will continue to apply.

18. Requests, comments, suggestions

The User may make requests, comments and suggestions by addressing the Company via the contact email[].providing sufficient details, a clear description and the reasons for the request.Requests are usually processed within fourteen(14) business days.

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